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19 Dog Costumes You Need to See Before Halloween 2017

Are you ready to find a dog costume for Halloween?!

That fabulous time of year is coming up again, and we all know what that means….

We need to get ready to find cute Halloween costumes for our dogs! 

If you’ve dressed up your pup in previous years, then you probably agree that it can be more fun to find a costume for your pet than it is for yourself. Whether you have a miniature or a giant bear of a dog, there is a costume out there that will give them a chance to take part in Halloween with the rest of the family.

This list contains 19 crazy awesome costumes for dogs that will help you with some new costume ideas. Enjoy!

1) Beanie Baby Dog Costume

ty beanie baby dog costume

Source: Pinterest 

Some dogs look more like furry teddy bears than actual living, breathing creatures. If you happen to have a baby chow, a poodle mix, or any other fluffy furball then you may want to consider this adorable beanie baby costume for dogs. Creative dog costumes don’t have to be expensive 🙂 

2) Dracula Dog Costume

vampire dog costume

Source: Mirror.Co.Uk

This Shar Pei dressed up in a Dracula costume is freaking genius. The glorious wrinkles just add to the overall look to make this dog costume a winner. This is also a great option for a more funny Halloween costumes for dogs. 

3) Ram Dog Costume

ram dog costume

Source: Pinterest

If your pup likes to showcase its style and play chicken with the other dogs then this might be the perfect fit. The ram costume for your dog is not only cute but looks super comfortable for a fun Halloween night. It’s an undeniably cute Halloween costume for dogs of all sizes. 

4) Unicorn Dog Costume

unicorn dog costume

Source: Pinterest

We all know that our dogs are the most special of them all — but can they pull off the unicorn look? This simple yet creative dog costume is a fun choice for a variety of pups and if you have the skills it is a relatively easy DIY option.

5) Gangster Dog Costume

gangster dog costume

Source: Woman’s Day

Anothr DIY dog costume for your list! Bulldogs are kind of the gangsters of the dog world so this costume is a natural choice. You can achieve this look with a few items from your closet and adding a couple dollar bills to this gangsta dog costume is a sweet finishing touch. 

6) Minion Dog Costume

minion dog costume

Source: YouTube

If you have a little Dachshund then you can probably see the likeness with minions. These minion dog costumes are a terribly cute choice for your stumpy-pawed puppies this Halloween. When it comes to cute Halloween costumes for dogs this option is definitely a winner. 

7) Teddy Bear Dog Costume

teddy bear dog costume

Source: Pinterest 

It took us a minute to realize this was actually a costume when we first saw it. Any curly haired dog can pull off this teddy bear costume — just prepare yourself for the squeals and oohs and awws if you take them out on the town.

8) Frankenstein Dog Costume

frankenstein dog costume

Source: Pinterest

This bull terrier makes a fantastic frankenpup! If you’re looking for a DIY costume for your dog this is a solid choice. Some might view this as a scary dog costume — but that smile keeps it on our cute list. 

9) Stitch Dog Costume

stitch dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Another Disney dog costume for you this Halloween! This puppy in a Stitch costume is almost too cute for words. If you have a little dog and are searching for a perfect costume this Halloween you may have found it right here.

10) Pony/Horse Dog Costume

pony dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Animal costumes for dogs are always a hit. This cute little pony costume is pretty ingenious. From the miniature saddle to the plastic hooves it all comes together flawlessly. This type of costume is great for easy movement and although it may intrigue children with a love of ponies you probably don’t want to let them take a ride.

11) Rabbit Dog Costume

rabbit dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Ok, this costume might be a little terrifying but it’s also pretty amusing. The striped t-shirt and pink bunny ears are a simple pairing for a quick dog costume. As far as the bunny teeth, we’re not sure how they managed to get them in this pooch’s mouth but we’re guessing they won’t stay in for long…

This item fits the funny and creative dog costume categories.

12) Cookie Monster Dog Costume

cookie monster dog costume

Source: Pinterest

The dog in this costume looks a tad confused but blue is definitely a striking color for him. This Cookie Monster dog costume is a comical choice for small dogs that like to pork out on their dog treats.

13) Panda Dog Costume

panda dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Little dog Halloween costumes are popular for a reason. The pouty face on this puppy only serves to make this panda costume even cuter. This fuzzy costume is a good option for going out on a chilly Halloween night and will work for both little and big dogs.

14) Scuba Diver Dog Costume

scuba diver dog costume

Source: Pinterest

This dog costume is seriously heavy duty and really hones in on all the details. If you decide to go in this direction just make the gear isn’t too tight and that the material of the scuba suit is breathable and doesn’t pull on your pet’s fur.

15) Squirrel Dog Costume

squirrel dog costume

Source: Pinterest

This squirrel dog costume is so freaking adorable some of you may not even continue reading. The corgi in this costume has a likeness to Scrat from Ice Age — especially while clinging to the acorn that completes the look. While this cute Halloween costume may be suited to smaller dogs a big dog dressed up as a squirrel could be quite hilarious as well.

16) King Dog Costume

king dog costume

Source: Pinterest

If your dog has a flair for the dramatic and an air of royalty about them then this might be just the costume for them. Both big dogs and little dogs can pull off this plush king costume with fur, jewels, and crown to top it off.

17) Mouse Dog Costume

mouse dog costume

Source: Pinterest

A mouse costume is a great pick for the little dogs out there. The Giant ears and the long tail create an amusing look and the costume also allows for easy movement and comfort.

18) Garden Gnome Dog Costume

gnome dog costume

Source: Pinterest

While actual garden gnomes can be quite creepy, when it’s turned into a dog costume it has the opposite effect. The bushy beard and pointed hat make this a really cute costume for little dogs — but could be an interesting choice for our massive furry friends. 

19) Poo Dog Costume

poo dog costume

Source: Pinterest

As much as we love our dogs, you have to admit that they can be smelly little furballs at times. This costume looks like it was inspired by the beloved poo emoji and results in a humorous look for the dog in question. It you’re going for funny dog Halloween costumes this could be a hit. 

Are there any other dog costumes that you’d add to this list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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