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13 Dogs That Seriously HATE Their Halloween Costumes

What is the saddest dog costume you’ve seen?

Chances are — it’s on this list.

Giving our dogs the opportunity to enjoy the Halloween festivities with adorable costumes has become pretty popular in the last couple decades….but some of these costumes seem to be more of a punishment than a treat.

The following list contains 13 dogs that hate the costumes they’ve been squeezed into. We won’t judge you if you laugh at the looks on their faces — but you may want to reconsider handing out the same sentence to your dog this Halloween

1) Walking Target

pinata dog costume
Source: Pinterest

Whoever decided to do this to their poor pooch deserves to be dipped in glue and covered in glitter. Perhaps the herpes of the craft world will make them reconsider dressing their dog up like a piñata and parading them about at the risk of being jumped by a horde of children wielding sticks. 

2) Poop Factory 

Poop Factory Dog Costume

Source: GetLol

Even if this little pooch were oblivious to the costume they’d been stuffed into, it wouldn’t make it any less humiliating. I see years of cleaning crap off of the rug in their human’s future…

3) Wrecking Ball 

pug costume

Source: Business Insider

There are no words for this atrocity. No. Just no.

4) Bat Pug 

Batman Dog Costume

Source: costume fail

Have you noticed a trend around these dog costumes yet?

Someone has it in for the pugs that we love so much. Look at that face! How could anyone keep them in that costume after looking into those eyes?

5) Bumble Dog 

Bumble Bee Dog Costume

Source: buzz.iloveindia

Not sure if this fur ball is really a dog but it’s adorable — even if it’s miserable. Now if only we could get a glimpse of it waddling in that costume 🙂

6) Three-Headed Nightmare 

Three Headed Dog Costume

Source: Flickr

Oh the horror! This little guy looks like he’s too scared to take a leak — let alone parade around with two stuffed dog heads bobbing along either side of him.

7) Lobster Corgi 

Dog Lobster Costume

Source: Buzzfeed

Have you ever seen a Corgi that wasn’t smiling? Enough said.

8) Hello Kitty Sadness

Hello Kitty Dog Costume

Source: Instagram 

Let’s all take a moment to let this dog mourn their canine-hood.

A Hello Kitty costume? Seriously? It would seem that there is more than one way to neuter a dog.

9) Star Wars 

Star Wars Costume for Dogs

Source: Earthporm

If this dog’s eyes bugged out any further I’d be worried about chasing after their eyeballs as they rolled away screaming.

And that tongue poking out of their mouth? Yep. I’d say that looks like a pet Halloween costume that offers oodles of fun.

10) Snooki  

Snooki Dog Costume

Am I the only one that couldn’t stop staring at this car wreck of a dog costume?

What is this world coming to…? *shudder*

11) Sesame Street Gone Wrong

Oscar the Grouch Dog Costume

Source: orangesmash

Again with the tongue dangling out of a long-suffering dog’s mouth.

This furry guy looks hot and miserable. I wonder if their humans made sure to dehydrate them beforehand to complete the grouchy look…or perhaps they were just born to play Oscar the Grouch.

12) Leeloo

Leeloo dog costume

Source: Daveshumka.Tumblr.com

We clearly have a “Fifth Element” fan here but their dog doesn’t seem to appreciate the effort. That scowl goes quite nicely with the yellow wig though…

13) Hide Yo Wife 

Silly Dog Costume

Source: Houston Press

I think the dog and I would agree that the sign around its neck needs one more sentence: “Hide Yo Dog.” 

Have you seen any dogs that hated their costumes lately? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.



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