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19 Dog Costumes You Need to See Before Halloween 2017

Are you ready to find a dog costume for Halloween?!

That fabulous time of year is coming up again, and we all know what that means….

We need to get ready to find cute Halloween costumes for our dogs! 

If you’ve dressed up your pup in previous years, then you probably agree that it can be more fun to find a costume for your pet than it is for yourself. Whether you have a miniature or a giant bear of a dog, there is a costume out there that will give them a chance to take part in Halloween with the rest of the family.

This list contains 19 crazy awesome costumes for dogs that will help you with some new costume ideas. Enjoy!

1) Beanie Baby Dog Costume

ty beanie baby dog costume

Source: Pinterest 

Some dogs look more like furry teddy bears than actual living, breathing creatures. If you happen to have a baby chow, a poodle mix, or any other fluffy furball then you may want to consider this adorable beanie baby costume for dogs. Creative dog costumes don’t have to be expensive 🙂 

2) Dracula Dog Costume

vampire dog costume

Source: Mirror.Co.Uk

This Shar Pei dressed up in a Dracula costume is freaking genius. The glorious wrinkles just add to the overall look to make this dog costume a winner. This is also a great option for a more funny Halloween costumes for dogs. 

3) Ram Dog Costume

ram dog costume

Source: Pinterest

If your pup likes to showcase its style and play chicken with the other dogs then this might be the perfect fit. The ram costume for your dog is not only cute but looks super comfortable for a fun Halloween night. It’s an undeniably cute Halloween costume for dogs of all sizes. 

4) Unicorn Dog Costume

unicorn dog costume

Source: Pinterest

We all know that our dogs are the most special of them all — but can they pull off the unicorn look? This simple yet creative dog costume is a fun choice for a variety of pups and if you have the skills it is a relatively easy DIY option.

5) Gangster Dog Costume

gangster dog costume

Source: Woman’s Day

Anothr DIY dog costume for your list! Bulldogs are kind of the gangsters of the dog world so this costume is a natural choice. You can achieve this look with a few items from your closet and adding a couple dollar bills to this gangsta dog costume is a sweet finishing touch. 

6) Minion Dog Costume

minion dog costume

Source: YouTube

If you have a little Dachshund then you can probably see the likeness with minions. These minion dog costumes are a terribly cute choice for your stumpy-pawed puppies this Halloween. When it comes to cute Halloween costumes for dogs this option is definitely a winner. 

7) Teddy Bear Dog Costume

teddy bear dog costume

Source: Pinterest 

It took us a minute to realize this was actually a costume when we first saw it. Any curly haired dog can pull off this teddy bear costume — just prepare yourself for the squeals and oohs and awws if you take them out on the town.

8) Frankenstein Dog Costume

frankenstein dog costume

Source: Pinterest

This bull terrier makes a fantastic frankenpup! If you’re looking for a DIY costume for your dog this is a solid choice. Some might view this as a scary dog costume — but that smile keeps it on our cute list. 

9) Stitch Dog Costume

stitch dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Another Disney dog costume for you this Halloween! This puppy in a Stitch costume is almost too cute for words. If you have a little dog and are searching for a perfect costume this Halloween you may have found it right here.

10) Pony/Horse Dog Costume

pony dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Animal costumes for dogs are always a hit. This cute little pony costume is pretty ingenious. From the miniature saddle to the plastic hooves it all comes together flawlessly. This type of costume is great for easy movement and although it may intrigue children with a love of ponies you probably don’t want to let them take a ride.

11) Rabbit Dog Costume

rabbit dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Ok, this costume might be a little terrifying but it’s also pretty amusing. The striped t-shirt and pink bunny ears are a simple pairing for a quick dog costume. As far as the bunny teeth, we’re not sure how they managed to get them in this pooch’s mouth but we’re guessing they won’t stay in for long…

This item fits the funny and creative dog costume categories.

12) Cookie Monster Dog Costume

cookie monster dog costume

Source: Pinterest

The dog in this costume looks a tad confused but blue is definitely a striking color for him. This Cookie Monster dog costume is a comical choice for small dogs that like to pork out on their dog treats.

13) Panda Dog Costume

panda dog costume

Source: Pinterest

Little dog Halloween costumes are popular for a reason. The pouty face on this puppy only serves to make this panda costume even cuter. This fuzzy costume is a good option for going out on a chilly Halloween night and will work for both little and big dogs.

14) Scuba Diver Dog Costume

scuba diver dog costume

Source: Pinterest

This dog costume is seriously heavy duty and really hones in on all the details. If you decide to go in this direction just make the gear isn’t too tight and that the material of the scuba suit is breathable and doesn’t pull on your pet’s fur.

15) Squirrel Dog Costume

squirrel dog costume

Source: Pinterest

This squirrel dog costume is so freaking adorable some of you may not even continue reading. The corgi in this costume has a likeness to Scrat from Ice Age — especially while clinging to the acorn that completes the look. While this cute Halloween costume may be suited to smaller dogs a big dog dressed up as a squirrel could be quite hilarious as well.

16) King Dog Costume

king dog costume

Source: Pinterest

If your dog has a flair for the dramatic and an air of royalty about them then this might be just the costume for them. Both big dogs and little dogs can pull off this plush king costume with fur, jewels, and crown to top it off.

17) Mouse Dog Costume

mouse dog costume

Source: Pinterest

A mouse costume is a great pick for the little dogs out there. The Giant ears and the long tail create an amusing look and the costume also allows for easy movement and comfort.

18) Garden Gnome Dog Costume

gnome dog costume

Source: Pinterest

While actual garden gnomes can be quite creepy, when it’s turned into a dog costume it has the opposite effect. The bushy beard and pointed hat make this a really cute costume for little dogs — but could be an interesting choice for our massive furry friends. 

19) Poo Dog Costume

poo dog costume

Source: Pinterest

As much as we love our dogs, you have to admit that they can be smelly little furballs at times. This costume looks like it was inspired by the beloved poo emoji and results in a humorous look for the dog in question. It you’re going for funny dog Halloween costumes this could be a hit. 

Are there any other dog costumes that you’d add to this list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

dressing up your dog

How to Choose A Costume for Your Dog

Getting your dog the wrong costume can be worse than having no costume at all.

Even if they live through the horror of the awful costume you’ve stuffed them into, your relationship may never be the same.

So, the question is, how do you choose a costume for your dog?

Whether you are looking to buy a dog costume for Halloween, Christmas, or any other fun occasion, there are a few things you may want to consider before you start picking it out. This list below will help you narrow down your options and avoid the hazards of an ill-chosen costume for your pooch.

How Do I Know If a Costume is Right for My Dog?

choose the right dog costume

Just like people, our dogs have all sorts of personalities.

Some are more outgoing and attention-loving, and others are more on the shy side. There are many dogs that take to costumes right away while others are more unsure about it and my try to communicate that they would rather not be wearing one. It’s important to take the time to evaluate how your pet feels about the costume by paying attention to the body cues they give you.

If your dog displays any of these signs you may want to reconsider their costume or try to help them slowly adapt to wearing a costume:

  • Excessive panting
  • Pacing
  • Whining
  • Refusing to move
  • Constant pawing and clawing at the costume
  • Hiding and refusing to come out

If your dog has a hard time adjusting to the costume you can try some of the tips in the next section.

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Costume

train dog to wear costume

It’s not uncommon for dogs to dislike the feeling of being constrained by a costume or other types of clothing. The good news is that it’s possible to train them to become more comfortable and even enjoy wearing costumes. The trick is to reward them for positive behavior while they are wearing the new outfit. Here are few ways to get started:

  • Start As Early As Possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get your dog accustomed to wearing a costume. If you begin dressing them up at an earlier age, clothing and accessories will feel like a normal part of life. If you happen to have an older dog it’s not impossible to train them but you will probably have to be patient and go about things more slowly.
  • Work Your Way Up. Rather than trying to immediately dress your dog up in a full costume, start with small accessories like hats, booties, etc. The first time you put your dog in a costume, try to keep it short. A few minutes are a good starting point and you can gradually increase the time as they become more comfortable.
  • Use Positive Reinforcement. Creating a positive association with wearing a costume is one of the most effective ways to make it an enjoyable experience. Reward your dog with attention, praise and the occasional treat when they sniff the costume, lie on top of it and eventually wear it. With patience and positive associations, your dog will not only learn to tolerate their costume but may even begin to have fun with the experience.

During this process, it’s best to keep your dog at home or in another familiar territory. Too many new things at once may overwhelm them and will make it difficult to get them to adjust to their costume. The following section will outline how to get started with your dog’s outfit measurements.

How to Take Your Dog’s Measurements

Measuring your dog

While certain breeds of dogs are better suited to different costumes, it is always a good idea to take your dog’s measurements to make sure you’re getting the right size.

The main item you’ll need is flexible measuring tape. You can improvise with a ribbon or some string along with a measuring stick but the flexible measuring tape will be simpler to use and also more accurate. 

The parts of your pet that you’ll need to measure will depend on the type of costume you want to dress them up in. If it includes a hat or head piece then you’ll have to take head measurements in addition to body measurements. As you get started, keep in mind that the measurements listed on the product page are the size of the actual costume and do not need to match the size of your pet.

For a good fit, you’ll want the costume measurements to be about an inch larger than your pet’s measurements. This will leave some room for their fur and comfortable movement. If your pet is especially fluffy or rolly you may want to leave another inch or so to better accommodate them. Here’s a basic sizing chart to help you get started (Note * this chart is only meant to provide an estimate. Actual sizes can vary greatly depending on the costume manufacturer)

Dog Costume Sizing Chart

Start with the chest measurements, since they are the most important and then continue with other areas like the neck, head, legs, etc. As you’re selecting a costume for your pet and you aren’t quite sure about the size it’s always better to go bigger than smaller. Costumes that are too small are a safety hazard and will make the costume wearing experience difficult for your pet. If a costume is a little too big you can always have it adjusted or use accessories to keep it in place.

Before you purchase a costume for your dog, you may want to go over the following list of questions to help you determine if it’s going to be a good fit.

1) Will My Dog Be Comfortable?

comfortable dogwear

While you might be able to deal with the annoyance of a costume that is too tight, or poorly made, your dog should not have to suffer through a costume causes them pain or any other form of discomfort.

Make sure that you choose a costume that is appropriate for the size and breed of your dog and made out of materials that work for the current season. It’s not just about comfort, it’s also about safety.

2) Is the Dog Costume Going to Be Safe?

dog safety

Anyone who cares about their dog would hate to accidentally harm them with a bad costume choice. It’s important to stay away from choking hazards, items that can get wrapped too tightly around their neck, or costume pieces that cover your dog’s mouth and nose.

One of the best ways to determine if a costume is safe is to have your dog wear it for a short period while you closely watch them and make sure that everything fits the way it’s supposed to.

3) How Often Does My Dog Wear Costumes?

If your dog never really wears costumes or other types of costumes, then it can be a good idea to give them a chance to get used to them before the costume event.

Get a few inexpensive items in your dog’s size and use them to train them to be comfortable with the experience. This may also give some ideas about the types of costumes they will tolerate best.

4) How Active Is My Dog?  

active dogs

What will your dog be doing while they are wearing their new costume? If you have a mellow pooch that is likely to lounge or do some light walking then your costume options for them are a little broader than for a dog that cannot hold still.

Make sure that openings around the neck, legs, and tail are wide enough to allow them to move comfortably and that any velcro or elastic on the costume won’t be pulling on their skin or fur.

5) What is the Costume Made Out Of?  

If you want the dog costume to last for more than a single use, it’s important to consider the material that it’s constructed from and the quality of the costume. Poorly made costumes that are produced with cheap fabric or plastics are not only more likely to fall apart easily, they can also be less comfortable for your dog.

Check to see what type of fabric and chemicals are used for the costume to avoid anything that your pet might be allergic to. Itching, scratching, sneezing or other odd behavior from your dog can be a sign that it’s time for the costume to come off.

6) What Size Should I Get?

This is one of the most important considerations for your pet’s costume. If you get them a costume that is too small it is guaranteed to be uncomfortable and could even restrict breathing and movement. A costume that is too large could also become a hazard if your dog gets tangled in it or trips over the long material.

When you’re looking for sizes take advantage of sizing charts and recommendations for different breeds. If you want to order your dog’s costume online then you may want to have them try on some similar items in a local costume store.

7) What Will This Experience Be Like For My Dog?

dog experience

While there are many reasons to buy a costume for your dog, the ultimate goal should be to find something that will also be fun for your dog. If your dog is in pain, has difficulty breathing, gets panicky or even feels humiliated in the costume you’ve picked for them, they will not associate costumes with pleasant feelings.

Check out our recent post, 13 Dogs That Absolutely Hate Their Halloween Costumes, for ideas of what you might want to avoid.

Additional Dog Costume Considerations

A dog costume often falls into the same category as a toy — which makes supervision important. Even if your dog is exceptionally comfortable with their costume and is being well behaved, they should not be allowed to run loose and be out of your sight for too long. Keep your dog in a contained area when you are indoors and on a leash if you are venturing outside.  

When it comes to choosing a costume for your dog, pair your judgment with the points above you should be set for a fun time for the both of you. If you have any other tips for selecting a dog costume we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


Dog Wailing in the Dark

13 Dogs That Seriously HATE Their Halloween Costumes

What is the saddest dog costume you’ve seen?

Chances are — it’s on this list.

Giving our dogs the opportunity to enjoy the Halloween festivities with adorable costumes has become pretty popular in the last couple decades….but some of these costumes seem to be more of a punishment than a treat.

The following list contains 13 dogs that hate the costumes they’ve been squeezed into. We won’t judge you if you laugh at the looks on their faces — but you may want to reconsider handing out the same sentence to your dog this Halloween

1) Walking Target

pinata dog costume
Source: Pinterest

Whoever decided to do this to their poor pooch deserves to be dipped in glue and covered in glitter. Perhaps the herpes of the craft world will make them reconsider dressing their dog up like a piñata and parading them about at the risk of being jumped by a horde of children wielding sticks. 

2) Poop Factory 

Poop Factory Dog Costume

Source: GetLol

Even if this little pooch were oblivious to the costume they’d been stuffed into, it wouldn’t make it any less humiliating. I see years of cleaning crap off of the rug in their human’s future…

3) Wrecking Ball 

pug costume

Source: Business Insider

There are no words for this atrocity. No. Just no.

4) Bat Pug 

Batman Dog Costume

Source: costume fail

Have you noticed a trend around these dog costumes yet?

Someone has it in for the pugs that we love so much. Look at that face! How could anyone keep them in that costume after looking into those eyes?

5) Bumble Dog 

Bumble Bee Dog Costume

Source: buzz.iloveindia

Not sure if this fur ball is really a dog but it’s adorable — even if it’s miserable. Now if only we could get a glimpse of it waddling in that costume 🙂

6) Three-Headed Nightmare 

Three Headed Dog Costume

Source: Flickr

Oh the horror! This little guy looks like he’s too scared to take a leak — let alone parade around with two stuffed dog heads bobbing along either side of him.

7) Lobster Corgi 

Dog Lobster Costume

Source: Buzzfeed

Have you ever seen a Corgi that wasn’t smiling? Enough said.

8) Hello Kitty Sadness

Hello Kitty Dog Costume

Source: Instagram 

Let’s all take a moment to let this dog mourn their canine-hood.

A Hello Kitty costume? Seriously? It would seem that there is more than one way to neuter a dog.

9) Star Wars 

Star Wars Costume for Dogs

Source: Earthporm

If this dog’s eyes bugged out any further I’d be worried about chasing after their eyeballs as they rolled away screaming.

And that tongue poking out of their mouth? Yep. I’d say that looks like a pet Halloween costume that offers oodles of fun.

10) Snooki  

Snooki Dog Costume

Am I the only one that couldn’t stop staring at this car wreck of a dog costume?

What is this world coming to…? *shudder*

11) Sesame Street Gone Wrong

Oscar the Grouch Dog Costume

Source: orangesmash

Again with the tongue dangling out of a long-suffering dog’s mouth.

This furry guy looks hot and miserable. I wonder if their humans made sure to dehydrate them beforehand to complete the grouchy look…or perhaps they were just born to play Oscar the Grouch.

12) Leeloo

Leeloo dog costume

Source: Daveshumka.Tumblr.com

We clearly have a “Fifth Element” fan here but their dog doesn’t seem to appreciate the effort. That scowl goes quite nicely with the yellow wig though…

13) Hide Yo Wife 

Silly Dog Costume

Source: Houston Press

I think the dog and I would agree that the sign around its neck needs one more sentence: “Hide Yo Dog.” 

Have you seen any dogs that hated their costumes lately? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.